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 Robert Builder has been the best company to work with so far. ..


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Robert Builder has been the best company to work with so far. I tried calling many landscapers in London to no avail, but on calling the company the call was received promptly. We met with the company’s landscape expert and discussed my plans in details. The company’s expert was professional and drew up the plan for me. The proposal was for a fair price and I got my work done within a very short period of time despite that it was during a busy season. The expert updated me and responded to my questions in a rather quick manner. He even incorporated several plants that are of value into the garden. That was great work Robert Builder Company.


I would personally like to thank the Robert Builder Company for providing best quality construction services. Am a construction consultant whose main job is the facilitation of London residents into a top quality job that is also sustainable. Offering such services to the locals means a lot to the local residents and to me as well. I would also like to thank you for having offering jobs to entry level individuals and mentor them to skilled construction workers. You offer a job opportunity for many residents. Working with this company means straightforward professionalism in construction and also in employment services.


The Robert Builder Company offers a long lasting solution to construction works. The company is committed to raising the set standards of safety which is crucial to any construction company ethos. They construct outstanding buildings which prove their commitment to their work and the standard that they have set for their construction works. I personally have seen their outstanding work which I can term as a touch of technological mastery with a combination of skilful designing. Completely flawless construction works. The company has also achieved excellence in working with the community and upraising their workforce and this has had a huge influence on how the general public perceives the company's operations.

I have had a long struggle with the electric and plumbing contractors who did not only refuse to carry out maintenance practice on time but also refused to do a follow-up call to inquire whether their services were satisfactory. Robert Builder has been the exception. They offered timely services and made follow up calls to inquire if all was well and even offered advice on how to handle small plumbing issues in case the problem reoccurs. The prices were fair compared to the work to be done. This is a company that I definitely recommend for you all.


I can confirm that Robert and his team carried out a very competent and professional job. The Team were generally very helpful and pro-active. The attention to detail and final finish was very good. Overall I can say I am very pleased with the results.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them.


They work as long as required by the order. My home turned out to be time-consuming and Robert Building Contractors company. For certain I will use your skills again. Thank you.


I would like to thank you for the quick response over the weekend. Cracked pipe for these men is not a problem. Despite the weekend very quick response. Sure, solid company. Thank you.


Quickly and efficiently. Several times I used the services of Robert Building Contractors - always on time, always with the guarantee. Thank you.



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